Notes from the Bishop

The following are links to special COVID-19 related notes from Bishop Dillahunt to the synod.

Things to Consider About In-Person Worship During the Pandemic from SOS Bishop's Office

The following was produced on behalf of the synod by Pr. Larry Donner, Thrive Campaign Director, and the Bishop’s Outside the Box Team. Bishop Dillahunt greatly appreciates their work to pull this document together and hopes it, along with the other resources mentioned in the document, will be of help to you and your leadership team.

Note to the synod: As we wait a little longer

Video of Zoom call with Rostered Ministers:

A pastoral note to the synod: The practice of Holy Communion while we are apart


A note to the synod from Bishop Dillahunt: Cancelation of 2020 Synod Assembly


A note from Bishop Dillahunt: Updated COVID-19 recommendations and actions

On March 16 Bishop Dillahunt hosted a call with our rostered ministers regarding COVID-19 actions and recommendations. This is what was shared.