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Is it time for singing to return to worship? It could be...

Dr. Curt Passafume addresses some questions about singing in church, and how to do it safely.


“Will The Congregation Come Back?” Should Not Be Our Biggest Concern (6 Better Questions)

"It’s the question on every pastor’s heart and mind right now. We understand why people haven’t been coming to church through the pandemic. Especially for those whose church buildings haven’t reopened yet, of course." Article by Karl Vaters.


Prayers for Marking a Year of COVID-19: Free Coloring Pages

As churches and communities begin to look for ways to mark the passing of time during COVID-19, we (Illustrated Ministry team) thought we’d put together a set of prayers and coloring pages to help with that process.


'The Significance of Holy Week' video offered through THRIVE! Campaign

The Rev. Pete Rudowski created an educational video about the “Significance of Holy Week” for a congregation in Hyde Park and is pleased to offer it to the rest of the synod.


Make sure you have proper licensing for your online worship music

  1. Augsburg Fortress https://go.augsburgfortress.org/temporary-expanded-licensing-for-streaming-worship-services
  2. One License https://news.onelicense.net/2020/04/13/looking-ahead-licensing-options-for-gratis-accounts-after-april-15/
  3. Information (including pricing <$100/year for the vast majority of our congregations) on CCLI’s streaming license is here: https://us.ccli.com/streaming/


How to get your worship service/Bible study online now


By Carey Nieuwhof

Expensive gear doesn’t generate extensive impact online. Quality content does.


Online Church for Beginners from Churchfront

The first 10 minutes of this Youtube video shares quick and inexpensive ways for your congregation to go online with your worship services. These same techniques can be used for Bible studies, Sunday School, pastor messages, etc.



How to live stream worship: 5 simple steps to get you started now

Josh Brodbeck, our SOS Worship Director, shares the basic steps you need to live stream your worship services now for no money and just a little time.