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Applying for Pharmacy Licensure in Ohio

You’re finishing up your rotations, you’ve started studying for the NAPLEX, but have you taken these steps to make sure you can become licensed in Ohio? Follow along and make sure that you have everything in order to become a licensed pharmacist.

First, if you haven’t already, be sure to review the State Board requirements for the state you plan to be licensed in. This article will review the process for Ohio.

Application for Examination

Licensure CeremonyIn Ohio, before you can register to take the NAPLEX, you must submit the "Application For Examination As A Pharmacist" to the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. This form is listed on the Board website ( under “Pharmacy Interns” or can be downloaded here.

Fill out the form and sign it in front of a notary. Many times your college of pharmacy will have a notary on campus, but notaries can also be found at local banks, UPS or FedEx branches, or some lawyer or realtor offices. Call ahead to identify any charges associated with the notary.

Along with this form, you need a head and shoulders photo, taken in the last six (6) months with your name and date written on the back. You also need to include a check or money order for $110 made payable to "Treasurer, State of Ohio." *Cash is not accepted. Money orders can be done at your local post office.

The completed form, check and picture need to be MAILED to:

Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
77 S. High Street, Room 1702
Columbus, OH   43215-6126

It is recommended to get return service on this mailing. This will confirm to you that your application was successfully received and can also be completed at your local post office.

Background Check

You must also remember to obtain a Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI & I) criminal records check. This can be completed before or after the examination, but you cannot receive your license until a criminal record check is completed. Information can be found on the Board’s website under “Pharmacy Interns,” “Background Check Summary for Interns and Pharmacists” or it can be downloaded here. To find where to obtain a background check, contact your local law enforcement agencies or use the Ohio Attorney General's website: 

Cost of a background check is a minimum of $46 ($22 BCI, plus $24 FBI). Some agencies may charge a processing fee as well. Be sure to contact the agency in advance to determine the total cost as well as to identify any additional material needed, such as a driver’s license.

At the site, request both a BCI and FBI criminal records check and pay the required fees. The reason for fingerprinting is “required for licensing.”

The results need to be sent to:

Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
77 S. High Street, Room 1702
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6126

Applying for the NAPLEX

Lastly, you need to apply to take the NAPLEX. Candidates must apply online with NABP at and pay the required fees to register for NAPLEX and MPJE. The cost of the NAPLEX is $485, MPJE $200 and the cost to register for both is $685.

To register for NAPLEX and MPJE, visit, under “Programs” there is a section for “Examinations.” Click on the NAPLEX logo. Once on the NAPLEX page, there is information about the requirements to test, as well as answers to frequently asked questions in the NAPLEX/MPJE Registration Bulletin. When you are ready to apply for NAPLEX, click the “Registering for the NAPLEX” link on the left hand side. You can then click “Log In to Your e-Profile to Register for the NAPLEX” which will take you to where you can create an e-profile and register for the NAPLEX and MPJE.

Once the Board has determined you are qualified to sit for licensure, you will receive an “Authorization to Test” (ATT) code. This will be emailed to you and can only be received after you have submitted the application for licensure, registered for the NAPLEX and MPJE, and the Board has received notice of your graduation from your school of pharmacy. Once you have received the ATT code, you can register for a specific date, time and location to take your NAPLEX and MPJE.

After You Pass the Licensure Exams

Licensure CeremonyAfter you pass the licensure exams, you will want to celebrate! Don’t forget to sign up to attend OPA’s Licensure Ceremony, Sunday, August 25, 2013 where you will formally receive your wall license and have the opportunity to celebrate with your classmates, faculty, family and friends. You will also receive a complimentary membership to OPA through the end of your licensing year. Take this opportunity to see what an impact OPA has on the profession of pharmacy in Ohio.

If you have any questions or concerns about the licensing process, visit the Board’s website ( for more specifics or contact the State Board at 614.466.4143.

*All costs listed are valid as of March 2013. Costs are subject to change.


□       Application for Licensure sent to Ohio State Board of Pharmacy including:

□       Application (notarized)

□       Head and shoulders photo (name and date on back)

□       Check or money order for $110

□       Background Check Requested

□       Register online for NAPLEX and MPJE

□       Register for OPA’s Licensure Ceremony ( to receive your wall license 


Welcome to the great profession of pharmacy!

Licensure Ceremony

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