November 10, 2020
7:00PM - 9:00PM

Luneau Technology presents Tuesday talk!

Plus 1 hour of CE for Opioid Lecture

Tuesday Talk


Luneau Technology presents "Standardizing your practice with Dry Eye screening"

Patti Barkey, the director of Dry Eye University, will share her experience with helping practice owners provide solution for “dry eye disease”. Clinicians will be introduced to a new solution for Dry Eye screening. VX120+DE is ideal for boutique eye care practices and is specifically designed to help ECPs enhance the experience of patients with ocular surface disease symptoms.


Patti Barkey, COE


Do you need Opioid and Pain Management courses for your licensure renewal??


Dr. Chris Cordes will present 1 hour of CE titled "Ocular and Systemic Pain and Drug Diversion" (COPE ID 67728-PH)

Dr. Chris Cordes

This course presents a review of pain, both ocular and systemic. It reviews ocular and local anesthesia and it relationship to pain management. The course then reviews in depth ocular pain and how systemic and topical pain management is used for ocular pain management. Finally the course reviews the useneed for opioids and drug diversion and its components.




Ocular And Systemic Pain And Drug Diverson Handouts

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