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Nathan Keyes

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National Liaison ~ Nathan Keyes

I am a current second year student at the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. My interest in optometry began back in 2015 in El Salvador. While there, I was an Army ROTC Cadet with Mission Beyond Horizons as a translator for Dr. Jay Butler and Dr. Daniel Galle. Working with them inspired me to pursue optometry as a career, and now I am on track to become a military optometrist! 

I received my undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Brigham Young University and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army in 2018. From there, I was awarded an Educational Delay, which allowed me to attend Optometry school. It has been a lot of hoops to jump through, but it is worth it to serve in such a distinguished profession. In my free time I enjoy running, outdoor activities, competitive gaming, and most importantly, spending time with my wonderful wife Kaylee and our two boys. 

Student Liaisons

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UHCO Student Liaison ~ Lauren Johnson

I am a current third year OD/MS student at the University of Houston College of Optometry, TX. I knew I wanted to become an optometrist starting when I got my first pair of glasses as a 5th grader. After I learned about the vision I was missing out on, I was hooked ever since and wanted to bring vision to others. I received my degree in biology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and did ARMD research while I was there with the Beaver Dam group under Dr. Karen Cruickshanks. I also worked for the UW Badgers football team during my time in Madison- Go Bucky! I feel so blessed to be able to learn all about optometry and to serve both my country and community by providing vision care to whoever is in need. I am excited to see what my future has in store with the US Navy. 

I was commissioned as an Ensign after receiving the HPSP scholarship in 2019. I have become very close with a former Navy OD and UHCO alumni, Dr. William Hill and he has served as my mentor through the first year of being a HPSP student, answering all the ridiculous questions I come up with about life as a Navy OD. He is one awesome guy with a big heart. I have felt so welcomed entering into this new chapter of my life with each interaction I have had with a service member, so I am very excited to meet all of you.



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