After another very successful NY22 Virtual Conference, The Foundation for Podiatric Medicine is thrilled to see life returning to a more normal way allowing us to be in person for the NY23 Clinical Conference and Exhibition from Jan. 19-22, 2023. NYC activity is back to pre-pandemic levels giving us the chance to eat in the best restaurants, enjoy Broadway performances and stop in on all the latest attractions it has to offer. More importantly, we can reconnect with each other while getting a minimum of 22 CMEs, and learning about the most cutting-edge technology while getting hands-on experience in the NY23 Exhibit Hall showcasing the industry’s latest products and services.

NY23 will provide the best lectures and research in podiatric medicine and beyond. This year, NY23 will be hosting the 6th Annual Transatlantic Seminar. This seminar only takes place every other year in the USA and will feature the latest research, studies and podiatric practices coming out of Ireland. NY23 will also feature a Friday afternoon panel in collaboration with American Association for Women Podiatrists. Attendees can look forward to billing and coding education on Thursday, January 19. As always, we ask that you keep an eye on the conference website nyspma.org/ny23 and register today for all the latest NY23 information, exhibitor and sponsor updates and the continually evolving program.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get your CMEs in the best city in the world - NYC. NY23 will be a conference you won’t forget. We can’t wait to see you all again!

William D. Spielfogel, DPM
President, Foundation for Podiatric Medicine

NYSPMA member registrants, please carefully read the following:

Complimentary/reduced fee admission and the ability to earn CECH credits free of charge and receive CECH letter for these free credits are benefits offered to NYSPMA members who have paid their full membership dues for the 2022-2023 year or are enrolled in an automatic payment plan. Therefore:

NYSPMA Members must be paid in full for their 2022-2023 dues or be enrolled in an automatic payment plan at the time of registration to receive the membership rate. Dues payments are not retroactive and non-member conference fees will not be reimbursed if dues payments are made after registration.

If you have any questions regarding dues payments, please call 646-525-4888.