OHLA Emerging Professionals


"Our mission is to provide a community that supports emerging hotel & lodging industry professionals and cultivates the next generation of leaders."

Emerging Professionals LogoOHLA Emerging Professionals is a community open to industry professional members. Emerging Professionals offers resources, networking, and education designed to ensure young, emerging professionals have the career development opportunities to move up in the lodging industry.



Develop Your Craft

We strive to offer resources and build opportunities to hone the skills, knowledge and professional acumen of our emerging leaders.

Foster Discussion & Innovation

We cultivate an open space to discuss issues and developments that impact the travel and hospitality industry.


Grow Meaningful Relationships

We enable our members to grow meaningful connections through providing opportunities to engage in a social setting.

Offer Encouragement

We build up our members to strengthen and uplift the next generation of leaders.


Complete an OHLA Emerging Professionals Application Form to participate in this great opportunity. Applications & any questions can be directed to michele@ohla.org.

Interested in getting more involved? The Emerging Professionals Committee wants YOU! 

We are looking for individuals who want to get involved on a deeper level with OHLA and who have a passion for developing meeting content, helping others climb the ladder, and offer their skills & knowledge to be a part of the Emerging Professionals Committee. If you are interested email your application and intent of participation to michele@ohla.org, Emerging Professionals Committee liaison.


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