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OPA will recognize the accomplishments of members throughout the state at the 2025 OPA Annual Conference, April 11-13 2025 at the Hilton Downtown Columbus. Any OPA member may nominate any eligible member for the awards.

Bowl of Hygeia Award

The Bowl of Hygeia Award, sponsored by NASPA and the APhA Foundation, honor pharmacists who have contributed to the progress of their communities. OPA displays the recipients' names on a plaque in the OPA office.
Criteria include:
  • pharmacist licensed in the State of Ohio;
  • recipient must be living;
  • recipient must not be previous recipient of the award;
  • recipient must not be currently serving, nor has he/she served within the immediate past two years as an officer of the Association in other than an ex officio capacity or its awards committee;
  • recipient must have compiled an outstanding record of community service, which apart from his/her specific identification as a pharmacist, reflects well on the profession.
  • Upsher-Smith Excellence in Innovation Award

    This award recognizes a pharmacist who has demonstrated innovative pharmacy practice resulting in improved patient care, emphasizing the very important role that pharmacy has in providing patient counseling. OPA displays recipients’ names on a plaque in the OPA office.

    Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award

    The goal of the Pharmacists Mutual Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award is to encourage pharmacists beginning practice to participate in association and community activities. Criteria include:
  • entry degree in pharmacy received less than nine years ago;
  • licensed to practice in the State of Ohio;
  • member of OPA;
  • participation in national pharmacy associations, professional programs, and/or community service.
  • OPA Good Government Award

    This award recognizes a member of the Ohio Pharmacists Association who has made major contributions to the public through government and/or legislative service/education at the local, state or national level. This activity must have raised pharmacists’ awareness of legislative issues impacting the profession and/or the passage of favorable legislation for pharmacy.

    OPA Pharmacist Public Relations Award

    This award recognizes a member pharmacist of the Ohio Pharmacists Association who has made major contributions to the public through continuous service to the community in public relations activities for the profession of pharmacy. This may be accomplished through television, radio, newsprint or community presentations on careers in pharmacy, poison prevention, medication safety, etc.

    OPA Generation Rx Award

    This award is presented by the Ohio Pharmacists Association to recognize a pharmacist who has demonstrated commitment to education and prevention efforts for prescription drug abuse and misuse in the community.

    OPA's UNDER 40 Award

    This award designation recognizes outstanding pharmacists who have exemplified leadership, excellence, and vision in their practices. Criteria include:
  • OPA member;
  • Licensed pharmacist;
  • Under 40 years of age as of the OPA Annual Conference (April 11, 2025)
  • OPA Media Awards

    These awards are presented to persons in the media promoting medication safety or pharmacy issues to the public.

    September 16, 2024 is the deadline for submitting nominations for all awards, except for the UNDER 40 and Media Awards which have a deadline of February 19, 2025. After September 16, 2024, nominations for UNDER 40 and Media Awards can be submitted via a link under Latest News on the OPA website.

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    Award nominations close on September 16, 2024; with the exception of UNDER 40 and Media awards, which close on February 19, 2025.
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