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OPA Advertising Contract

Ohio Pharmacist Journal and -

You are hereby authorized to publish our advertisement in the Ohio Pharmacist Journal
beginning with the (Month/Year) issue.
OR You are hereby authorized to publish our classified advertisement or sponsorship
on the website beginning on (Date) ? .
Advertiser Phone Advertiser Fax
Ad Agency
Ad Agency Phone Ad Agency Fax
Agency Email
(Only quarter page ads may be ordered online. Additional rate information may be obtained by contacting Amy Bennett at 614.389.3236
Quarter Page Insertion Rate
If you would prefer a hard copy of this contract or have questions, please call OPA at 614.586.389.3236.

It is understood and agreed that if this advertisement is discontinued before expiration of this contract, we will pay for the insertions already published at regular Ohio Pharmacist and rates now in effect. It is also understood that the advertiser will receive credit for the lowest rate earned during any 12-month period. In the event of failure on our part to make payment as agreed upon, the Ohio Pharmacist and shall have the right to discontinue this advertisement and cancel this contract.
Communications from the Ohio Pharmacist and should be sent to:
Contact Name
Contact Email
We agree to include arrangement for payment of advertising when submitting this application.
Payment Method:
CC (MasterCard or VISA)
Invoice (If requesting to be invoiced, please provide PO # below.)
Purchase Order
Purchase Order #
For questions regarding journal advertising, please contact:
Amy Bennett
Phone: 614.389.3236 Fax: 614.389.4582
For questions regarding website advertising, please contact:
Kathy Wotruba
Phone: 614.389.3236
Fax: 614.389.4582
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