2018 OPA Membership Application

ONLINE SPECIAL!! Join NOW to take advantage of discounted member rates on OPA's upcoming programming! By joining now, you will receive the remaining months of 2017 and all of 2018. Your membership will be valid through December 31, 2018.

NEW - You may now choose to pay for your OPA Membership with an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your bank account.

For your convenience, in addition to being able to participate in the auto-renew program, you may now use your bank account to submit your dues payment. (Details and a drop-down box with payment option is provided below.)
Please note: Newly graduated pharmacists, licensed by exam from November 01, 2016 through October 30, 2017, have received a complimentary membership valid through 01/31/2018.

Member Types

Active Member - $260
Joint Member with Paid Current Active Member Spouse - $135
First Year Pharmacist (2017 Graduate or Resident PGY2) - $85
Second Year Pharmacist (2016 Graduate or Resident PGY2) - $150
Third Year Pharmacist (2015 Graduate) - $195
Retired Member (Must be 65 & retired from full-time practice.) - $100

Associate Members

Primary Associate - $190
Additional Associate - $110
Additional Associates must provide the name of the Primary Associate member from your company below.
(Non-Pharmacist ONLY - enter N/A in OH License # and Graduation Year fields, and select "other" in the College field to proceed.) -

Basic Contact Information

Please use this OPA membership application to update any incorrect fields below. Please use proper-case formatting as this information is what will appear in your record.

First Middle Last
OH Pharmacist License #
Preferred Email
(This is the email address that will be used to contact you for all OPA email communications including legislative updates, programming information and other important OPA e-bulletins.)

Work Address

Note: If you do not have a company address, please leave the following company-related fields blank.

Company Name
City State Zip
Work Phone

Home Address

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Primary Address

Please indicate ONE Primary address to which you wish to receive all OPA mailings.
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Additional Information

College Attended
Graduation Year
R.Ph PharmD Other
Employment Type
Practice Setting

(*First Year Ohio pharmacists have received a complimentary OPA membership through January of the year following licensure.)

Membership Rate

Please choose Membership Type
For "Additional Associate's" use only.
Primary Associate's Name
Continuing Education
12 Home Study CPE quizzes published in 2018 ($30.00) (Doesn't include Jursiprudence)
One Jurisprudence Published in 2018 ($10.00)

Automatic Annual Renewal Option

If you are paying by credit card or EFT, please choose your preference from the following drop-down. If you opt-in for automatic renewal, your dues and any amount you choose to donate to the Pharmacy PAC, OPF, or to your continuing education, that you indicate on this form, will be automatically charged to your designated account annually in your month of renewal. (Dues paid after January 1 of the dues year will be renewed for the following year each January.)
Please share how you heard about OPA membership. If a current OPA member encouraged you to join, please be sure to include their name so they receive credit as an OPA Recruiting All Star. Thanks!

Optional Support

PAC Contribution

If you’d like to make a voluntary contribution to the Ohio Pharmacy PAC, OPA’s political action committee, please fill in the amount in the space provided below. (Personal contributions only.)
PAC Contribution Amount$
I affirm that my OPA Pharmacy PAC contribution has been made with non-corporate funds.

OPF Contribution

If you’d like to consider making a charitable contribution to the Ohio Pharmacists Foundation, please fill in the amount in the space provided below.
OPF Contribution Amount$
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