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2015 Annual Conference Schedule Template

Friday, April 17, 2015

7:15 am Registration
8:15 am

Medicare Plan Finder
Recovering Professionals
Pharmacy Services in PCMH

9:45 am Break

9:55 am


Ischemic Heart Disease (repeated at 1:00)
Preceptor Development
OTC/Self-Care Challenge
Social Media for your Business

11:25 am  Awards Luncheon
1:00 pm

Ischemic Heart Disease (repeat of 9:55)
Ohio Research Forum
Team-Based Approach to PCMH
Mental Health: Improving Communication

2:30 pm


2:40 pm

Ohio Innovative Practice Forum   
Pharmacy Challenges/Financial Opportunity
Infant Mortality
Compounding: Legislative & USP Updates

4:10 pm

Trade Show/Poster Session/Innovative Showcase

7 pm

Dinner in the City

Saturday, April 18, 2015

 7:00 am  Breakfast Theater*  (invitation only)
7:15 am Registration &
PAC Breakfast
8:15 am

Ohio Law Update 2014 (repeated at 9:55)
Individualizing Diabetes Therapy (repeated at 1:30)
Improving Employee Performance
Student Program: Residency Preparation*

9:45 am Break
9:55 am

Ohio Law Update 2014 (repeat of 8:15)
Pharmacophore Rule & Spices 
Population Health: Shared Care
Antimicrobial Stewardship

11:15 am Trade Show & Lunch
1:30 pm

Individualizing Diabetes Therapy (repeat of 8:15)
Business Plan Competition
MTM Collaboration with Public Health
Lung Cancer

3 pm Break
3:10 pm

Role of Pharmacist in Public Health
MTM Star Ratings
Immunization Update
OTC Clinical Pearls

3:10 pm Student Law Review*
4:40 pm House of Delegates
5:00 pm New Practitioner and Student Events
7:00 pm Alumni Reception
8:00 pm President's Banquet

Sunday, April 19, 2015

7:15 am Registration
Past Presidents' Breakfast (invitation only)
CPFI Breakfast
8:15 am New Drug Update 2015 (repeated at 9:55)
Tropical Diseases in U.S.: Ebola & More
9:45 am Break
9:55 am New Drug Update 2015 (repeated at 8:15)
Legislative Advocacy Update
11:25 am


11:35 am

Pregnancy FDA Labeling
Cystic Fibrosis

12:35 pm Annual Conference Adjournment
1:00 pm

CPR (pre-registration required)

  * No CPE offered

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