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H.B. 241:Prescriptive Authority for Advanced Practice Nurses

H.B. 241 which was introduced in March by Representative Nancy Hollister (R-Marietta) recently was voted on and passed out of the Ohio House of Representatives. The bill would permit certified registered nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse mid-wives, and certified nurse practitioners to prescribe drugs and therapeutic devices. The bill requires all APNs (advanced practice nurses) to complete advanced pharmacology courses, and additional continuing education to renew their certificate to prescribe every two years. The bill contains language which will allow APNs to prescribe, dispense, and administer drugs and therapeutic devices. OPA opposes the dispensing language and has some serious concerns with the way the bill currently outlines its requirements for nurse prescribing. OPA Lobbyists have met with and have expressed their concerns to the bill's sponsor. Currently, OPA is working to get the dispensing language removed from the bill. H.B. 241 will be referred to the Senate Health Committee in the fall.

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