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WANTED: RPhs with Legislative Contacts

Who Do You Know? We need your help!

Right now Pharmacy Legislative issues are hot both in Ohio and nationally. WE NEED YOUR HELP to educate legislators and keep the voice of pharmacy strong with our elected representatives. Whenever there is a personal tie to a legislator, it helps to make our voice stronger. To assist our legislative efforts, OPA would like to know which state legislators, you are familiar with in your hometowns. Do you know an U.S. Congressman or Senator? Or, perhaps, you have a legislator friend of the family in a different District or state? Any information you could send us will be beneficial. It is imperative that Legislators hear from pharmacists while so many changes that will affect your profession are being considered. For your convenience you may submit your legislative contact information on-line. $$LinkToForm18,4
Thank you for your help!

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