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Community Pharmacy Practice Network

Interested in implementing innovative patient care services in your pharmacy?

Are you interested in implementing innovative patient care services in your pharmacy? Is your pharmacy currently struggling to offer disease state management programs and improve patient care?

If you are a community pharmacy practitioner and answered YES to either of these questions, then you may wish to consider becoming a member of the Community Pharmacy Practice Network. The Community Pharmacy Practice Network has been designed to provide resources to pharmacists to supplement their educational training. The network will address the evolving needs of the community pharmacy practitioner in expanded patient care roles. The network will also give pharmacists the opportunity to discuss pharmaceutical care and the practice challenges facing community pharmacy today.
Benefits of the Community Pharmacy Practice Network will include:
•Disease State Management Protocols
•Information about Clinical Training/Certificate programs
•Continuing Education Programs related to Patient Care
•Ideas for Pharmacy Students’ Objectives and Projects
•Drug Information Resources
•Support for Clinical Programs
•Ideas for Marketing and Reimbursement
•Networking with Other Practitioners
•Updated Information about the Profession of Pharmacy

Network participants can access information from the CPPN website and communicate electronically with other practitioners. Participants will have the opportunity to dialogue about pharmacy practice and management issues and request additional resources from the OSU College of Pharmacy faculty. Practitioners in the network will also have the opportunity to meet periodically and highlight their progress at an annual symposium.

Financial support for the Community Pharmacy Practice Network comes from a grant The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy has received from the Institute for the Advancement of Community Pharmacy (IACP). An application will be required for participation in the Network, and all community practitioners will be encouraged to participate.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of the Community Pharmacy Practice Network, please contact Erin Spiker, Pharm.D., OSU College of Pharmacy,

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