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The change is effective July 1st.


The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation is making a change in pharmacy vendor from Express Scripts (RxNet) to ACS, an organization out of Atlanta. The change is effective July 1st, so there is not much time to react. They have mailed the new contracts, but many pharmacies have not received them. To help you out, we have posted the contracts, and information letters on the OPA website. Just click on the links listed below to get to those documents:

$$Link,,ASC State Healthcare - Prescription Benefit Letter$$ (PDF File: 41K)

$$Link,,Member Pharmacy Agreement Form$$ (PDF File: 30K)

$$Link,,OH BWC Payer Sheet$$ (PDF File: 28K)

$$Link,,Member Pharmacy Agreement Exhibit B$$ (PDF File: 28K)

$$Link,,ACS Pharmacist Letter$$ (PDF File: 49K)

If you have any questions please contact Lance Vinci at BWC by email at .

There is NO CHANGE in reimbursement rates, and we expect the same good service that you have received from the previous vendor. IF YOU EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS WITH THE NEW VENDOR, contact us immediately.

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