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2005 Research Forum Abstracts

2005 Research Forum Abstracts
The 10th Annual Ohio Research Forum at the 127th Annual Conference was a huge success due to the generous support of the Procter & Gamble Company, Jenelle Sobotka, Pharm.D., Manager of Professional Relations. Thanks, too, go to Curt Black, Ph.D. from the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy for his coordination of this important contribution to the Annual Conference. The 11th Annual Ohio Research Forum will be held April 21, 2006. For additional 2006 Research Forum information, $$LinkToNews226.

Podium Presentations

Impact of Community Pharmacy-based Wellness Screenings on Patient Health

Catanzaro DA, Green T, Casper K
The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

The Impact of Physician Involvement in a Quality Improvement Program for Patients Diagnosed with Asthma
Siganga WW
The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy

The Role of the Pharmacist in Cardiac Risk Reduction for Patients with the Metabolic Syndrome
Boaz KA, Mehta BH, Rodis JL
The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

An Ounce of Prevention: Reinstating Health Risk Assessments in an Outpatient Urgent Care Unit
Fish CL, Bennett M, Green CG, Cook S
The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Coping Mechanisms used by Pharmacy Students to Overcome Depression
Muzumdar J, Chung Y, Qureshi Z, Siganga W The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy

Meta-Analysis of Effect of Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine on SARS Treatment
Chen Y, Guo JJ
University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) in a
Community Teaching Hospital

Hall ML
St. Elizabeth Health Center, Youngstown

Testing an Advisory Board's Role in Prescription Price Regulation
Hess AM, Sullivan DL
Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy
Poster Presentations

Respiratory Peak Flow in Athletes vs. Non-Athletes: A Pilot Study

Barson B, Kisor D, Roecker AM, ONU College of Pharmacy

Depression and Nicotinic Receptors
Hradesky JA, Richards YC, McKay DB
OSU College of Pharmacy

The Development of Novel Drugs that Target Subtypes of Nicotinic Receptors
El-Hajj RA, McKay SB, Bergmeier SC, McKay DB
OSU College of Pharmacy & Ohio University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemical Constituents of the Fruits of Morinda citrifolia (Noni) and their Antioxidant

Su B-N, Pawlus AD, Keller WJ, McLaughlin JL, Kinghorn AD, OSU College of Pharmacy

Diabetes Mellitus Associated with Atypical Antipsychotic Use among Patients with Bipolar Disorders in a Large Managed Care Population
Guo JJ, Keck PE, Li H, Jang R, Carson W
UC College of Pharmacy

Price Trends and Utilization Patterns of Breast Cancer Drug Therapy in the US
Medicaid System

Malott SA, Chen Y, Pruemer J, Guo JJ
UC College of Pharmacy

Drug Utilization Patterns between Atypical and Typical Antipsychotics in US Medicaid Programs
Guo JJ, Kelton CML, Chen Y, Jing Y, Louder A, Patel NC, UC Colleges of Pharmacy & Business

Market-Share Competition among Antidepressant Medications in US Medicaid Programs
Guo JJ, Chen Y, Jing Y, Patel NC
UC College of Pharmacy

Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products with Large Price Changes in a Regional Hospital System
Kelton CML, Guo JJ, Ferrand Y, UC Colleges of Business & Pharmacy

Assessing Patients' Knowledge of Prescription Insurance
Marsino S, Helfrich G, Kahaleh A
ONU College of Pharmacy

Assessment of Compliance of the New USP (797) Requirements among Hospital

Jenkins J, Hughes K, Broedel-Zaugg K, Kahaleh A
ONU College of Pharmacy

Drug Sample Utilization and the Effect on Consistent Drug Therapy in an Indigent Care Setting
Mabins M, Bennett M, Hall LE, Emptage RE
OSU College of Pharmacy

Perceived Barriers among Community Pharmacists for Implementing a Pharmacist-Run Immunization Program
Capurso KA, Powers MF, UT College of Pharmacy

Future of Pharmacy from Current Pharmacists' Perspectives
Marino HR, Kahaleh AA, ONU College of Pharmacy

The Community Pharmacists' Influence on Patient Care
Allison JC, Kahaleh AA, Miley K, Kaczor C
ONU College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Students' Knowledge and Attitude toward Plan B Emergency Contraception
Qureshi Z, Chung Y, Muzumdar J, Siganga WW
UT College of Pharmacy

The Value of a Student-Run Drug Information Tutoring Program
Buckingham SC, Banyas SP, Menard KN, Thirion KC, Kier KL, ONU College of Pharmacy

Civility in the Pharmacy Classroom: A Cohort Study
Paik C, Broedel-Zaugg K
ONU College of Pharmacy

Civility in the Pharmacy Classroom
Broedel-Zaugg K, Paik C
ONU College of Pharmacy

Senior Response to the Medicare Backed Prescription Coverage
Miller K, Black CD
UT College of Pharmacy

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