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2003 Ohio Research Forum

Platform and Poster Presentations


The 2003 Ohio Research Forum, held in conjunction with OPA's 125th Annual Conference in April, featured platform and poster presentations from faculty and students at our four colleges of pharmacy. Thanks to all who contributed and a special thank you to Research Forum Coordinator Curt Black, R.Ph., Ph.D. Also, thank you for the support generously provided by Proctor and Gamble Company and Professional Relations Manager Jenelle Sobotka, Pharm.D.


  • The Effect of a Pharmacist Educational Intervention on Patient Knowledge and Attitude regarding Antibiotic Resistance and Appropriate Use in Adults
    Jennifer L. Rodis, Pharm.D. (OSU)
  • Influence of a Pharmacy Student on Inhaler Technique in Asthma and COPD Patients in a Rural Family Practice Setting
    Vera Heitkamp, Marc Sweeney, Pharm.D., John P. Zeigler (ONU)
  • Designing and Delivering a Blood Glucose Monitor Training Program for Pharmacy Technicians in a Supermarket Pharmacy
    Michelle Hilaire, Pharm.D., Mary Powers, Ph.D., Michael Kitz, B.S. (UT)
  • Evaluation and Comparisons of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs from the Internet
    Donald L. Sullivan, R.Ph., Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Economic Cost Structure of Severe Sepsis Management
    Amit B. Patel, Raymond Jang, Ph.D. (UC)
  • Academic Performance and Exposure to Moral Reasoning are Effective Predictors of Clinical Performance in Pharmacy Students
    Jennie Zimmerman, R.Ph., M.S., Raymond Jang, Ph.D. (UC)
  • An Assessment of Freshman Pharmacy Students� Consumption of and Perceptions about Drug and Alcohol Use
    Pallavi Patwardhan, B.S., Kumar Mukherjee, B.S., Walter Siganga, R.Ph., Ph.D. (UT)


  • Quality of Life of Sepsis Survivors
    Jody A. Niese, Raymond Jang, Ph.D. (UC)
  • Change in Patient Perception of Pharmacists after Exposure to Clinical Pharmacy Services
    Teresa K. Hoffman, Pharm.D., Debra L. Parker, Pharm.D., Karen L. Kier, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Evaluating Web-based Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
    Jennifer Daberko, April M. Bays, Karen Kier, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Comparison of Drug Information Databases for Palm OS Handheld Personal Digital Assistants
    Brian Gulbis, Pharm.D., Karen L. Kier, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Literature Review of Pharmaceutical Care in Hypolipidemia
    Matthew Zimmerman, Pharm.D., Karen L. Kier, Ph.D., Kimberly Menard, Kellie Thiron (ONU)
  • Identifying Patient Barriers to Pharmaceutical Care
    Brian Cryder, Pharm.D., Debra L. Parker, Pharm.D., Karen L. Kier, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Survey of the Use of Supplements by Male Intercollegiate Athletes in NCAA Division III Institutions
    Michael Dorsch, Karen L. Kier, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Pharmacist-Physician Collaborative Model for Teaching in Non-traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculums
    Marc A. Sweeney, Pharm.D., Karen L. Kier, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Web-based Assessment of a Non-traditional Pharm.D. Program
    Karen L. Kier, Ph.D., Marc A. Sweeney, Pharm.D. (ONU)
  • Ensuring Quality Rotations for Non-traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Programs
    Marc A. Sweeney, Pharm.D., Karen L. Kier, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Comparison of Publication Rates of Posters Presented at 1999 Professional Meetings
    Matthew Zimmerman, Pharm.D., Karen L. Kier, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Evaluating Patient Understanding of Voluntary Package Inserts Provided by Manufacturers with Prescription Drug Products
    Brent L. Rollins, Donald L. Sullivan, Ph.D. (ONU)
  • Evaluating the Pharmacist-Patient Relationship
    Carmin J. Gade, Marc A. Sweeney, Pharm.D., Kimberly Menard (ONU)
  • Selecting an Appropriate Documentation System for a Community Pharmacy Practice Setting Kelly A. Brock, Pharm.D., Kristin A. Casper, Pharm.D., Tara R. Green, Pharm.D. (OSU)
  • Adequacy of Chronic Kidney Disease Management in an Ambulatory Care Practice Network Harita R. Patel, Pharm.D., James McAuley, Ph.D., Laura E. Hall, Pharm.D., Mari Pruchnicki, Pharm.D. (OSU)
  • Mission Impossible 3: Students Design a Multimedia, Pharmacology Tutorial
    Amjad Iqbal, Dave Catanzaro (UC)
  • Utilization Patterns and Risk Factors for High-Cost Recipients in Medicaid Population
    Jeff J. Guo, Ph.D., RL Ludke, PC Heaton, CJ Moomaw, M Ho, RJ Cluxton (UC)


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