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The Canadian Drug Issue

Information for Pharmacists and Patients

Drug importation is currently an area of concern for both pharmacists and their patients. The following link, $$Link,, Drug Importation Articles$$, includes two printable articles in PDF file format (460KB) that will be of interest to both pharmacists and your customers. The first article is entitled "What Pharmacists Should Know About Drug Importation" and includes topics such as understanding the regulations, concerns and the need for pharmacist oversight. The second article, which is geared toward patient information, is entitled "What You Need to Know About Prescription Drug Importation" and includes an explanation of what drug importation is, as well as why drug importation is such a concern and the potential problems with imported drugs. These articles are provided with the permission of the American Pharmacists Association. Please feel free to print and copy this information and give it to the appropriate patients.

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