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U.S. Prescription Drug System Under Attack

The following links are to a very informative series of articles from The Washington Post on drug diversion and counterfeiting problems. These articles are a great resource to refer both patients and health care professionals to when they are interested in the problems associated with such issues as Canadian drug imports and internet prescriptions. This series, identifying and documenting the shadow market for prescription drugs, resulted from a yearlong investigation by two Washington Post reporters that included more than 500 interviews and the analysis of 100,000 pages of court filings, regulatory cases, investigative reports and computer records.

Part 1:
A Vast, Unregulated Shadow Market -
U.S. Prescription Drug System Under Attack

Multibillion-Dollar Shadow Market Is Growing Stronger

Part 2:
How the Internet Became a Pipeline for Deadly Drugs

Internet Trafficking in Narcotics Has Surged

Part 3:
Dangerous Doctors Online

Doctors Medicate Strangers on Web - Some Physicians Face Own Troubles

Part 4:
The Shadow Market & Counterfeit Drugs

Lax System Allows Criminals To Invade the Supply Chain

Part 5:
Millions of Americans Look Outside U.S. for Drugs

Our Porous Borders With Mexico and Canada -
Millions of Americans Look Outside U.S. for Drugs

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