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SB 43: Uniform Prescription Drug Card Bill

OPA successfully guides SB 43 through the Ohio legislature!

OPA successfully guided SB 43 through the Ohio legislature. It was unanimously voted out of the Ohio House on May 26, 2004, and previously passed the Senate with a unanimous vote. It now awaits the Governor’s signature. The bill is the culmination of four years of work. Sponsor Sen. Bob Spada should be commended for his tireless work on this important legislation. This legislation requires health care plans providing prescription drug benefits to use a standardized identification card or other standardized technology in the processing of claims. If there is a change in the information contained in the standardized identification card or the electronic technology issued to an insured person, the health insurer must issue a new card or electronic technology to the person, but the bill doesn’t require a health insurer to issue a new card or electronic technology to an insured person more than once during a 12-month period. If changes occur, this legislation would allow the insurer to issue a sticker to be placed on the benefits card to announce the new or changed information. SB 43 will significantly cut down on the time you spend submitting claims, leaving you more time to spend with patients.

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