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CMS Medicare Update

CMS announces 2007 drug plan options...
Today, Secretary Leavitt and Administrator McClellan announced publicly the drug plan options that will be available to Medicare beneficiaries in 2007. Strong competitive pressure resulted in bids that averaged 10 percent less than in 2006. In summary, there will be more plans with coverage in the gap, more drugs covered, and more help for beneficiaries in choosing the plan that’s best for them in 2007. For state-specific press releases, which provide further plan information at the state level, please visit the following link: $$Link

...More gap coverage, lower cost options will be availablein most states
While nearly all Medicare beneficiaries will be able to remain in the plan they selected in 2006, plans in most states will offer enhanced benefits and services. For a listing of plan options by state, click here: $$Link

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