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Important Change to OARRS Rules for Pharmacies!

Attention Pharmacists!

The official effective date for the OARRS rule regarding prospective DUR is Thursday, October 27, 2011.

What does this mean to pharmacies?

Before dispensing a prescription for a controlled substance the pharmacist has to review an OARRS report covering at least a one year time period and/or another state’s report, where applicable and available, if they see one of the following:

  • Receiving reported drugs from multiple prescribers;
  • Receiving reported drugs for more than twelve consecutive weeks;
  • Signs of abusing or misusing reported drugs (i.e. over-utilization, early refills, appears overly sedated or intoxicated upon presenting a prescription for a reported drug, or unfamiliar patient requesting a reported drug by specific name, street name, color, or identifying marks);
  • Presenting a prescription issued by a prescriber with whom the pharmacist is unfamiliar (i.e. prescriber is located out-of-state or prescriber is outside the usual pharmacy geographic prescriber care area); or
  • Presenting a prescription for reported drugs when the patient resides outside the usual pharmacy geographical patient population.

After obtaining an initial OARRS report on a patient, the pharmacist can use professional judgment in deciding if they need to pull another OARRS reports and/or other states’ reports for that patient.

Kelly Vyzral
Director of Government Affairs
Ohio Pharmacists Association

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