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September 2012 OPA Extern Profile: Katie Hummel

Name: Katie Hummel


Pharmacy school: University of Findlay

OPA Extern Katie Hummel

Undergraduate degree/institution: n/a

Hobbies: Baking, sewing, reading (pharmacy and non-pharmacy stuff!), and running

How did you get interested in the profession of pharmacy? I wanted to be involved in the healthcare field, but not deal with the more gruesome aspects of the medical profession. After shadowing my local hospital pharmacy, I decided this was the career for me! After starting pharmacy school, I secured an intern position at my local Giant Eagle Pharmacy where I have been involved with MTM-Diabetes management and patient education at Giant Eagle Pharmacy for the last 4 years thanks to my boss. I have never had any doubts about pharmacy, and look forward to choosing a career path that will best suit me!

Why did you choose OPA as a rotation? I chose the OPA rotation to get a better idea of how pharmacy organizations operate, and how I can get involved after graduation. Management and Leadership within pharmacy organizations has been my passion throughout college and I want to continue that once I am a practicing pharmacist. I have been the president, secretary and multiple chairs within Kappa Epsilon, Operation End-Stroke Chair with SNPhA, held multiple positions in CPFI and also held leadership positions in other campus organizations.

What was the most significant or surprising experience at OPA? Attending OPA meetings, OSHP Division Day, and the Ohio Board of Pharmacy meetings. It was really inspiring to see pharmacists involved, staying up-to-date with current events and they encouraged me to stay involved with OPA and other organizations throughout my career.

What other pharmacy associations/organizations do you belong to?
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI)
Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy Fraternity – Beta Zeta Chapter (KE)
Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)
And of course… Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA)

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