President’s Message

A Message from 2024 CCAO President Chris Abbuhl, Tuscarawas County Commissioner

As I start my tenure as the President of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your public service. The leadership role of county commissioners affords us the ability to make decisions today that will impact tomorrow. 

2024 CCAO President and Tuscarawas County Commissioner Chris AbbuhlIt is a privilege and honor to serve not only as a Tuscarawas County Commissioner but as the president of an esteemed organization like CCAO. I am keenly aware that there are not many that have the opportunity to serve their community and state in these types of roles. This is a unique opportunity to build our communities and leave a legacy of positive change that will reap benefits for decades.

Early on as I became involved with CCAO through various committees I quickly understood what a treasure we have as a resource at our fingertips to assist us in serving the public. That is why I believe that it is vitally important that our members need to be directly involved with the activities of CCAO. We not only have the opportunity to learn how to leverage funding, we also learn best practices and policies to do our jobs well. It is also very valuable to learn from fellow seasoned commissioners that can share work life experiences that assist us with practical applications. So, I encourage our membership to have a seat at the table, be a part of the discussion, and make sound factual based decisions for those that we represent. 

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the strength of our astute staff that works on our behalf with the legislature within the state and federal government.  The importance of having a well-trained professional staff is crucial in our mission to serve the public.  Having attended numerous events, conferences and legislative meetings I am proud to say with extreme confidence that we are highly regarded as an organization. 

Lastly, as I serve as your president of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio in 2024, I want to reemphasize the motto that I have used as a guide during my public service career.  It is very simplistic in word however powerful in application: “Teamwork for a Better Tomorrow”. Let’s work together and continue to build on the strength of this transformational organization we call CCAO.  Improving the quality of life for those that we collectively represent in the great state of OH-IO.