Advocacy Tips and Tools

Why should you become involved in advocacy? Research shows that when a constituent comes to an elected official with concerns, it makes more of an impact. As a business owner or representative from an organization within the elected official’s district, your voice counts more than a paid lobbyist or statewide representative. Your elected official represents both you and your business, so he or she needs to know how a potential issue impacts citizens from home.

Never doubt that you can make a difference. Advocacy is not overly complicated. The most essential ingredient is you! To do it effectively, you just need to understand the issue and communicate properly. The Ohio Travel Association has put together the following resources to help you.

Legislative Advocacy 101

Phone Calls, Testimonies and More

Meeting in Person with Your Elected Official

Writing Letters to Elected Officials

Keeping the Conversation Going After a Meeting

Engaging Lawmakers on Social Media

Hosting Visits with Elected Officials

Legislative Advocacy 101 Handbook


Find Your Legislators

Find Your Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate Contacts

Find Your US Representatives in Congress and the Senate