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Please consider investing in the Ohio Travel Association. We know cash is tight, but your membership will enable us to continue our work for the industry. The Ohio Travel Association does not receive public dollars, but is supported only by the members it serves and participation in our events, such as webinars, conferences and Heartland Travel Showcase. Our work can only continue with your generous support.

Why is an OTA membership important?

  1. We have your back
  2. We keep you connected
  3. We keep you informed
  4. We help you tell your story
  5. Ohio’s travel economy is stronger through your support

We have your back. Because we are supported by businesses and not public dollars, we advocate on your behalf. Every day, we represent your interests by working with federal and state officials to do what is needed to protect your business and the industry. This includes – but is not limited to – ensuring competitive funding for state tourism marketing strategies, business liability protection, introducing packages and programs to stimulate future travel and meetings/conventions. During the pandemic, we worked with our partners at the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association to propose relief packages that were made available to the industry, encouraged reopening and ensured regulations were as business-friendly as possible, and made sure our members' issues were heard at the state level.  

We keep you connected. OTA provides many opportunities to gather, including informal OTA Travel Talks where we share upcoming opportunities and give you space to share ideas and struggles. But OTA goes beyond just networking. Every day, we offer problem-solving services like personal assistance, facilitation of discussions with key officials and businesses facing similar challenges.

We keep you informed. It’s hard to make sense of all the information coming at us. Boy, do we get it. That’s why we make sure you are up to speed on what’s most important. From timely market research, to funding and promotional opportunities, we deliver what you need to know when you need it. OTA educates and informs through weekly enewsletters, webinars, virtual conversations, and other means to communicate new information, discuss challenges and share best practices.

We help you tell your story. OTA raised awareness of the devastating effects COVID-19 has had on the Ohio travel economy, our businesses and our industry’s employees. But our storytelling goes beyond; it’s about communicating why your business and what you do is important to the overall Ohio economy. It’s about generating respect for the power of Ohio travel to encourage future investments in our people and our places.      

Ohio’s travel economy is stronger through your support. For less than $40 a month, your OTA membership can make a difference. When all of us contribute just a little through membership, it creates a stronger voice to do what is needed for today and tomorrow. We are truly stronger together – attractions, DMOs, wineries, breweries, ferryboats, hotels, restaurants, liveries, retailers, museums (just to name a few).  

Please note that the Student membership is reserved for students enrolled in 2-year, undergraduate, and graduate courses of study, as well as high school students. This membership level does not include those working fulltime in the industry who are pursuing degrees. Our goal with this level is to give students networking and educational levels to help them with career success and decisions, as well as to connect them to job openings.       

2024 OTA Membership Investment (Through 12/31/24)

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