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Warrick County Health Officer Suspended


CLICK HERE for press release from Warrick County Coroner

On Tuesday evening, the health officer of the Warrick County Health Department in Southern Indiana was suspended from duties by the county commissioners. This presented a serious situation for funeral homes who care for the greater Warrick County area as the county attorney advised that all burial transit permits bearing the name of the suspended health officer were invalid and that transportation and disposition of decedents should not occur until further notice.

IFDA was made aware of the situation yesterday afternoon and immediately contacted the governors office and the state for assitance in finding a temporary solution . There will be an emergency meeting this morning in Warwick County to put a that solution into action.

In the meantime, after consultation with the state, funeral homes may bring decedents into their care temporarily without a burial permit until the situation is resolved. It is the responsibility of the funeral home to notify the Warwick County health Department within 24 hours that the decedent is in your care and death occurred. Once the health officer situation is rectified the administration/paperwork that is usually completed can be caught up.

Permits that were issued prior to the suspension of the health officer are still valid for transportation purposes, and disposition.

As you can imagine, the issuance of death certificates is affected by this also also. Temporarily, there will be no death certificates issued until the health officer situation can be resolved.

Thank you, Sam Frain, Past IFDA President, who works in the governors office and immediately started to help find a solution to this issue when contacted. Also thanks to Amy Kent chief of staff at the State Health Dept for her help in getting a temporary solution to care for those who have died.

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