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Many people choose to not only preplan, but prepay funeral expenses either for themselves or a loved one. Please review the information under the “Funeral Planning” tab.

As prearranging became more popular in the 1980’s our members were looking for a safe and secure place to invest those funds. They looked to IFDA for a solution. That is why we created the Indiana Funeral Trust Fund.

The Indiana Funeral Trust Fund is a “master trust.” Our participating members deposit prepaid funeral funds into one trust. The funds are held by Fifth-Third Bank who serves as trustee.

By pooling the funds together, our members have more funding options, better returns, and more security than they could obtain on their own or through other investment options. In 1999 we further expanded the investment options available to our members and began marketing the trust fund under the name MasterChoice®.

The expert investment advisors of Fifth-Third invest those funds in a variety of high quality investments.

An independent financial advisor reviews the performance of the advisors and the investments to insure that we maximize returns without compromising on security.

And while the funds are pooled or co-mingled for investment purposes, the funds from each individual funeral contract are accounted for separately by Hightower Services, IFDA’s wholly owned subsidiary that administers the trust.

Your money is deposited in Indiana and is held by an Indiana trustee. It is administered by IFDA here in Indianapolis. No one is allowed to withdraw any funds from your account except your funeral director upon proof that the contract holder has died and that the requested services were performed.

All of this is done to assure you that your money is safely being held until it is needed and that its growth will be sufficient to overcome the effects of inflation, allowing your funeral director to continue to guarantee the service you desire.

Ask your funeral director if they are a member of IFDA.

Ask if they use MasterChoice®

You can be even more confident that prearranging was a smart decision.







Tax Exempt 0.3% 3.2% 0.9% 1.4%
Income Plus 1.3% 8.8% 2.1% 5.0%
Balanced Fund 1.2% 12.4% 2.9% 6.5%
Capital Appreciation 5.0% 28.1% 8.9% 12.0%
Stable Value 1.3% 5.3%    
* Rates are shown prior to the total annual administrative fee of up to 1.5%. MasterChoice administrative fees are set by the Hightower Board and have not changed since inception of the trust.