Code of Ethics

Every member of the Indiana Funeral Directors Association has agreed to abide by the Association Code of Ethics. They acknowledge their ethical obligation in five key areas:

  1. The family they serve
  2. The care of the decedent
  3. The public
  4. The government
  5. IFDA

It's your assurance that your funeral director takes your satisfaction seriously and will work hard to see that every aspect of the funeral service is provided in an ethical and professional manner.


Arranging for and directing a funeral is a complex process involving multiple participants and hundreds of details - all of which must be accomplished within a couple of days.  Despite the efforts of the most professional funeral home, sometimes things don't go as planned.

Some circumstances are beyond the funeral director's control.  Sometimes they make human mistakes.  Still, your funeral director wants you to be satisfied.

If you or your family have any questions, concerns or complaints about any services provided, please speak openly and frankly with your funeral director.  If you find the answer to be unsatisfactory or inadequate, ask to talk directly with the manager or owner.

If you still have concerns, you have another avenue open to you - the Indiana Funeral Directors Association Code of Ethics Committee.


If you feel you have exhausted all avenues of resolution with the funeral home, you may contact the IFDA Code of Ethics Committee for assistance.  The members of the Committee are committed to resolving complaints in a fair and timely manner.

The first step in the process is to file a written complaint.  The committee will not accept complaints by phone.  The Committee will quickly determine if it has jurisdiction and inform you if they have accepted the complaint.  (See "Our Limitations" section.)

The Committee Chair will contact the funeral home and see if an informal resolution can be achieved.  If not, a member of the committee will be assigned to investigate the complaint, interview both parties and make a recommendation to the committee.  You will be kept informed through each step of the process.

Once there is a proposed resolution, it will be presented to you for approval.  Once agreement has been reached, both the funeral home and the consumer will be expected to sign the agreement and be bound by it. 

National polls consistently rate funeral directors among the most respected of professionals.  They perform a highly sensitive service at a most difficult time, and yet, they have one of the highest satisfaction rates among all professional groups.  Funeral directors are licensed by the state and the practice of funeral service is highly regulated.  The chances of you needing the intervention of the Committee are remote.  Yet it should be an extra comfort to know that by selecting a member of IFDA, you have that additional assurance.


We are an association of funeral directors.  The Ethics Committee has no jurisdiction over cemeteries, independent crematories or monument companies.

Although 80% of Indiana funeral homes are members of IFDA, we have no jurisdiction over non-member firms.

If you have engaged the services of an attorney and are contemplating a lawsuit or have already filed a lawsuit, the Code of Ethics Committee will not consider you complaint until your case has gone through the legal process.

If your complaint appears to involve a violation of state law, we will refer you to the Attorney General and the Indiana State Board of Funeral and Cemetery Service.  The Ethics Committee will not consider your complaint while under consideration by the state.

If your complaint appears to involve a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Service Rule, we will refer you to the FTC.  The Ethics Committee will not consider your complaint while under consideration by the FTC.  

We do not offer legal services and can not offer you legal advice.


To receive a copy of the Code of Ethics or a complaint form call us at 317-846-2448 or toll-free 800-458-0746.

You can also download these forms here:

 Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics Complaint Form (PDF)

Code of Ethics Complaint Form (word doc)