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MAC Launches AmeriProtect

MAC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary MichiCare, launches AmeriProtect – Quality Insurance Options for Michigan Chiropractors! 

LANSING, MICHIGAN – MAC, through our wholly owned subsidiary MichiCare, is pleased to announce the formation of AmeriProtect, insurance options created by chiropractors for chiropractors! AmeriProtect will initially offer comprehensive health and workers’ compensation coverage to Michigan chiropractors with the goal of keeping the profession’s valuable resources in the profession! 

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Chiropractors across Michigan routinely pay workers’ compensation and health insurance premiums year after year, funding insurers that turn around and use that money to lobby against the chiropractic profession at the state capitol. These same insurers also routinely deny chiropractic patients’ claims because of their provider of choice, or describe the care of chiropractors as “experimental,” based on nothing more than the fact that a chiropractor is providing the service.

“To put it bluntly – chiropractors are getting ripped off, and it’s time we radically flipped the script,” said Donald M. Reno, DC, Executive Director of AmeriProtect.

AmeriProtect insurance options were chosen with one goal in mind - to provide a comprehensive line of insurance coverage to benefit not only individual chiropractors’ offices, but also the profession as a whole.

“AmeriProtect exclusive insurance coverage will provide affordable health and workers’ compensation options, while keeping our valuable resources within the profession,” said Dr. Reno.

AmeriProtect is launching its comprehensive coverage with two exciting offerings:

  • Workers’ Compensation: AmeriProtect has created a solution to your workers’ compensation needs. Some policy holder benefits include: flexible payment options, EFT Guard, exclusive discounts, and more. Fill out a quote application today!
  • Health and Wellness: AmeriProtect health and wellness options are 100 percent focused on the needs of the chiropractic profession. Your health and wellness is top priority, let us take care of you!

“The time has come for the chiropractic profession to stand up against insurers who would do us harm,” said Dr. Reno. “AmeriProtect affordable insurance options provide quality coverage and support the profession. It’s a win-win.”

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