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MAC Classified Ads are a valuable and affordable way to get your ad out to your peers and the public. Please see the drop down at the left for categories.

To place an ad online, please click here.

NOTE: Classified advertising has reached a high level of popularity. For Club Members, who receive limited FREE advertising, the parameters are detailled below:

  • Members of the MAC receive discounts on classified advertising.
  • MAC Club members are allowed one (1) free ad for a maximum of 6 months/year!

All ads which are not covered under the free ads policy MUST be prepaid, or a credit card must be provided. 

Ad Fees

  Club Fees Member Fees Non-Member Fees
1-20 Words FREE $20 $30
21-40 Words FREE $30 $40
41-60 Words FREE $40 $50
61-80 Words FREE $50 $60



  • Never accept a check for more than you are asking or for more than the item you are selling is worth.
  • Cashier’s checks ARE NOT the same as cash. They are easy to counterfeit.
  • Verify the check for legitimacy by calling or visiting the bank it is from. 
    • Do NOT call the number on the check as it could be fraudulent
  • If you do try to cash a fraudulent cashier’s check, YOU are responsible for the money you withdraw.