Legislative Action Center

MACPAC is the only political action committee with the primary mission of electing and supporting pro-chiropractic incumbents and candidates. Direct financial political contributions, when coupled with grassroots efforts like direct communication with lawmakers, are successful approaches that have led to many victories for the chiropractic profession.

MACPAC allows chiropractors across Michigan to pool together financial resources to elect and support lawmakers and candidates who support chiropractic – regardless of their political affiliation. When your contributions are bundled with those from other DCs across the state, MACPAC’s ability to protect patient access to chiropractic increases dramatically.

All our goals can become reality if chiropractors across the state pool resources and work together to make them happen!

Use the Donate button below to submit a one-time donation and to set up recurring donations!

Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act Patient Handout