LicensureMore than 75 percent of Michigan’s doctors of chiropractic belong to the MAC, one of the largest unified state associations in the nation. The MAC strives to protect and enhance the chiropractic profession through organized leadership, education, and the promotion of the chiropractic discipline and practice.

Through our advocacy for doctors of chiropractic, their patients, and the profession as a whole, the MAC provides Michigan’s chiropractic community with a strong voice in state government, innovative legal strategies to end discrimination against chiropractic, and all the tools needed to run a successful chiropractic practice in the 21st Century.

If you are not already a member of the MAC, please join today! The benefits are numerous, and we all speak louder when we speak with one unified voice!

License Renewal Requirements

The current Administrative Rules require that doctors obtain 30 hours of continuing education over the two-year licensure period for license renewal, 15 of which may be completed on-line unless noted. These 30 hours must include:

  • Two hours in physical measures
  • Two hours in the performance and ordering of tests
  • One hour in ethics
  • One hour in sexual boundaries
  • One hour in pain and symptom management

Each license period you must also receive two (2) hours of Implicit Bias training. This is in addition to the 30 CEs required.

You must also have completed your Human Trafficking training. This is a one-time only requirement and not needed for every license renewal.


Applicants for relicensure must have completed, in the three-year period prior to the application for relicensure, at least 45 hours of continuing education (this is up from the previously required 42), with not less than 24 of these hours in chiropractic technique. The required continuing education in tests, physical measures, ethics, sexual boundaries, and pain and symptom management also apply.

Filing Cabinet

As a benefit to our members, the MAC maintains a record of ALL continuing education courses you have taken with us. These records are kept in a secure location and receives daily backups on a secure server offsite. If you would like us to store other CE courses from outside organizations, please contact the MAC at 517.367.2225 or email

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Looking for past CE's?

As a courtesy, the MAC electronically stores all of the continuing education (CE) programs you have taken (with the MAC). Please call our office if you would like to discuss the current status of your CE hours. 517.367.2225.