AmeriProtect - A MAC Owned Insurance Entity

MAC, through our wholly owned subsidiary MichiCare, is pleased to announce the formation of AmeriProtect, insurance options created by chiropractors for chiropractors! AmeriProtect will initially offer comprehensive health and workers’ compensation coverage to Michigan chiropractors with the goal of keeping the profession’s valuable resources in the profession!

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AmeriProtect is launching its comprehensive coverage with two exciting offerings:

  • Workers’ Compensation: AmeriProtect has created a solution to your workers’ compensation needs. Some policy holder benefits include: flexible payment options, EFT Guard, exclusive discounts, and more. Fill out a quote application today!
  • Health and Wellness: AmeriProtect health and wellness options are 100 percent focused on the needs of the chiropractic profession. Your health and wellness is our top priority, let us take care of you!

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What is AmeriProtect?

Who owns and operates AmeriProtect?

AmeriProtect, located in Lansing, Michigan, is owned by the Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC) and its operations run out of the MAC headquarters. It is governed by its own Board of Trustees, all MAC members, who oversee the growth and transparency of the group. Check out our corporate structure: CLICK HERE .

Where do the profits go?

In short, all profits stay in the profession. Sure there are overhead costs, but the mission of AmeriProtect is to provide quality, affordable insurance products to Michigan chiropractors, while keeping their hard-earned financial resources in the chiropractic profession.

How does AmeriProtect benefit the chiropractic profession?

Normally, when chiropractors purchase their health and workers’ compensation from other carriers, that money spent is NEVER returned to the profession. In fact, some carriers actively lobby against chiropractors at the capital. Here is a quote from a senior Blue Cross official testifying against Michigan Senate Bill 282 (which would require workers’ compensation to pay for all chiropractic services legally performed under our scope of practice):

"This bill expands reimbursement for chiropractic care into the primary care arena, which we believe jeopardizes patient safety and exposes injured workers to the risk of misdiagnosis and unnecessary care. A worker's health and safety is our foremost concern whether it is on the job site or in the exam room. By not interacting with a primary care doctor, the patient risks a delay in receiving appropriate care."

In short, the money most chiropractors are spending on health and workers’ compensation coverages is funding opposition activities. AmeriProtect wants to help stop that process.

Here are some things that AmeriProtect can do with your help:

  • Health and Workers’ Compensation Data Studies
  • Scholarships
  • White Papers
  • PR Campaigns
  • Lobbying on behalf of the profession
  • Dividend opportunities
  • Much more!

Have any questions? Give us a call and we will be glad to get you an answer! 517.367.2225.


"Last year I paid a large, well-known insurance company over $1200 for worker’s compensation insurance for my practice. With MichiComp’s new plan, I’m paying about $800, a savings of $400 for the very same coverage. The best part however, is that now, I’m supporting my profession with my insurance premiums and not the large, well-known insurance company that frequently opposes chiropractic. If you’re a doctor of chiropractic in Michigan, you owe it to yourself—and your profession—to look into this opportunity!"

- Dr. Tom Klapp

"I switched my workers compensation insurance to the new MAC program MichiComp and not only did I save money on my premium but I gained the satisfaction of knowing that my money will go to support chiropractic in Michigan.  The switch was quick and easy and they did most of the work for me.  Every chiropractic business is required to have workers compensation insurance so it only makes sense to have your insurance support the profession we all love!"

-Dr. Eric DiMartino

"For years I paid into a worker's compensation policy and as most of us know, it's insurance we must have but, as chiropractors who offer free care to staff members, we will never use; money out the window right? So when the idea of MichiComp was introduced wherein we become members and could possibly receive dividends on unused monies, I was wholeheartedly in! When it was announced that Michicomp was a go, I immediately filled out the online app on the MAC homepage, was contacted within the hour and quickly received my quote.  To my very pleasant surprise, the quote for my office with 11 employees was nearly 30% less! Even with the additional membership fee, which makes future dividends possible, my savings is nearly 20% ! Needless to say, I'm a happy camper!"

-Dr. Susan Blaskay