Enlightenment Award Nomination Form 2022-2023

Please fill out the following information to submit a nomination for the Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Foundation (OPPF) Enlightenment Award (for work completed in 2022):

Enlightenment Award Nominee

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Please state below why this nominee should be honored with this award based on the OPPF's criteria of recognizing an outstanding activity, presentation or publication during 2022 which enhances the public's access to treatment and/or enhances the public's understanding of mental disorders or decreases the stigma often associated with mental illness. Prior nominees can be nominated again as long as the activity, presentation or publication took place in 2022.

In order to complete your submission please mail or email a copy of the presentation/supporting materials. Examples include newspaper article, television documentary, news program, YouTube presentation, art form (book, story, play, musical or art piece).

Please send all materials by December 31, 2022 to:

Ryan Mast, DO
or Janet Shaw
3510 Snouffer Rd., Ste. 101
Columbus, OH 43235-4217
Email: oppf@oppa.org
Fax: 614-481-7559
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