Research Awards


OPPF encourages scholarly work in Ohio by presenting annual research awards/recognition in three separate categories:

  • General OPPA Members
  • Resident-Fellow OPPA Members
  • Medical Students

OPPF Research Award Criteria 2020-2021

Now Accepting Entries for work completed in 2020!

Entries are currently being accepted for the Research Awards! We encourage you to participate! Click on the link above for submission guidelines. The deadline is Dec. 31, 2020.

Congratulations to this year's recipients for work published in 2019!

Medical Student Category
Resident-Fellow Category
General Member Category

Sandra Zoubovsky
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Chronic Psychosocial Stress During Pregnancy Affects Maternal Behavior and Neuroendocrine Function and Modulates Hypothalamic CRH and Nuclear Steroid Receptor Expansion

Ted Akiki, MD

Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Comparing Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) and World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule (WHODAS) 2.0 in schizophrenia


Molly McVoy, MD
University Hospitals of Cleveland
Resting-State Quantitative Electroencephalography Demonstrates Differential Connectivity in Adolescents with Major Depressive Disorder


Matthew Phillips
The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Factors Associated with Multiple Psychiatric Readmissons for Youth with Mood Disorders


Vivek Rachamallu, MD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Off-Label Use of Clozapine in Children and Adolescents – A Literature Review  




Our congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups, and our compliments to all those who submitted an entry to the OPPF Research Awards Competition.

Enlightenment Award


The Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Foundation (OPPF) is pleased to announce the Enlightenment Awards program. The award recognizes outstanding activities, presentations or publications during 2019 which enhance the public's access to treatment and/or enhances the public's understanding of mental disorders or decreases the stigma often associated with mental illness.

Nominees can include an individual, organization, government entity, media (newspaper, radio or TV station or internet based communication) or a form of art.

Nominations are currently being accepted. Click HERE for the criteria and nomination form. Nominations can also be made ONLINE.

Congratulations to this year's Enlightenment Award recipient


For its outstanding contributions in 2019 that enhanced the public’s understanding of and decreased the stigma associated with mental illness.

LifeAct is a non-profit organization based in Cleveland that has been serving Ohio’s communitites by providing programming on mental health awareness and suicide prevention for 28 years. LifeAct’s team of professional trained instructors visit high school and middle school classrooms to engage students, changing school culture by decreasing stigma surrounding mental illness and providing students with lifesaving tools to recognize the warning signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers and to seek professional help.

To learn more about LifeAct visit

Poster Presentation

For the Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association's (OPPA) Annual Psychiatric Update, the OPPA and OPPF invite all OPPA members, Resident/Fellow members and medical students to participate in the poster presentation portion of the meeting. A poster presentation is an excellent way for members and medical students to communicate your research and your understanding of a topic in a short and concise format, which includes a poster presentation and a brief (2-3 minutes) explanation. 

Although the 2020 Annual Psychiatric Update was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the poster presentation judges reviewed all the posters submitted and scored them based on the following elements:

  • Introduction/background
  • Content
  • Presentation
  • Conclusions

After reviewing and scoring each poster presentation, the following two posters were selected as first and second place (click on image to enlarge):


Blue Ribbon First Place Png

Emotion Dysregulation Mediates the Association between Acute Sleep Disturbance and PTSD Symptoms in Trauma Exposed Patients

Submitted by Mitchell McDaniel, MS3, University of Toledo College of Medicine

Authors: Mitchell McDaniel BS, MS3, Nichole Christ BA, Xin Wang MD, PhD, Hong Xie MD, PhD Matthew T. Tull PhD, John Elhai PhD, Jeremy J. Matthews, Rupesh V. N. Boddapati, University of Toledo; Israel Liberzon MD, Texas A&M University



1st Place Poster 6 Emotion Dysregulation Mediates The Association Between Acute Sleep Disturbance And Ptsd Symptoms In Trauma Exposed Patients
Free Png Badge 2nd Place By Ninahagn D8r7yvs

Symptomatic treatment of depression and anxiety disorders in a young adult Down Syndrome patient using repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Submitted and authored by Stephen Werner-Sleva MS3, University of Toledo College of Medicine



2nd Place Poster 11 Symptomatic Treatment Of Depression Anxiety Disorders In A Young Adult Down Syndrome Patient Using Repetitive Transcranial Magnet


The following submissions received honorable mention:

Use of Topiramate and Memantine in Treatment-Resistant Schizoaffective Disorder Complicated by History of Syphilis
Authors: Alexandra Kursinskis MS3, Nita Bhatt, MD, MPH, Wright State University

A Close Correlation Between ASO Titer Elevation and Clinical Acuity in a Recurrent Case of PANDAS
Author: Christine Lu, MS3, University of Toledo College of Medicine

Psychosis Due to Traumatic Brain Injury In a Patient with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Co-authors: Mark Wright, Medical Candidate 2021 and Nita Bhatt, MD, MPH, Wright State University

Formation of Delusions from Past Experiences
Authors: Ashwatha Thenappan, BS; Nita Bhatt MD, MPH, Wright State University  

Management of Catatonia with Valproic Acid- A Case Report
Authors Jacob C. Maier, BS, Chandani Lewis, MD, University of Toledo; Alex McCormick, DO, Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare

Excited Catatonia in Schizoaffective Disorder
Authors Shaigan Bhatti, MS3 and Nita Bhatt, MD, MPH, Wright State University

Toledo Naloxone Outreach Program: Expansion and Medical Student Education
Authors: Luke Zona MS3 and Alex Petrak, MS3, Jennifer Ten Eyck, MS2, University of Toledo College of Medicine; Manish Karamchandani, MD, Medical University of South Carolina; Rusheeth Thummalapally MD, Mercy Health St. Ritas;  Tanvir Singh, MD, University of Toledo

Clozapine & Valbenazine for Treatment of Tardive Cervical Dystonia: A Case Report
Authors Christine Brennan, MS3 and Chandani Lewis, MBBS, MD, University of Toledo

In Progress: A Systematic Review of No-show Rates in General Pediatric Psychiatry Clinics
Authors Bennett Harris, DO; Dyan Darang, MD; Molly McVoy, MD, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Wernicke- Korsakoff Syndrome in a Patient with History of Bariatric Surgery
Submitted by Katherine Provaznik, DO, OhioHealth Riverside Methodist
Authors: Katherine Provaznik, DO and Heather Theibert, DO, OhioHealth Riverside Methodist

Catatonia in Autism Spectrum Disorder, often Misdiagnosed and Mistreated
Authors Ryan Dixon, MD and Tanvir Singh, MD, University of Toledo

What's UP with WhatsApp for PRITE Studying?
Authors Garrett Weskamp, BS, Case Western University and Jennifer Bellegarde, MD, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center