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HPIO releases inaugural Health Value Dashboard

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released its inaugural Health Value Dashboard.

The HPIO Health Value Dashboard shows that Ohio’s health value rank is 47, with Ohioans living less healthy lives and spending more on health care than people in most other states. Improving health value means consumers have access to healthcare services that are affordable, employers pay less money for their employee’s health care, Ohio’s workforce is stronger, healthier and more productive, and Ohioans live longer and healthier lives.

HPIO partnered with the University of Cincinnati Economics Center to compile and rank the data for the dashboard. The metrics were selected by a wide array of experts who participated in the advisory group and workgroups convened by HPIO.

The HPIO Health Value Dashboard:

  • Can be used as a tool to track Ohio’s progress towards health value. Health value looks at the relationship between population health and healthcare costs. We weighted population health and healthcare costs equally, reflective of feedback from our stakeholders that both goals, improved population health and sustainable healthcare costs, are important for Ohio. •
  • Is unique in its emphasis on “health value”, rather than on population health outcomes alone. Most other dashboards do not factor in the impact of healthcare costs. The Dashboard also takes a very comprehensive approach in looking at health, by evaluating Ohio’s social, economic and physical environments – which are significant contributors to the overall health of Ohioans.

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Source: Health Policy Institute of Ohio

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