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Seeking psychiatrists who practice trauma informed care to treat police officers

The Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Collaboration Team in Ohio is in the process of developing a resource list of counselors/outpatient service providers, including psychiatrists, who practice trauma informed care for individuals with PTSD and have an understanding of police culture.

CIT is a community-based collaboration between law enforcement, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), mental health consumers, mental health providers and local universities. Volunteer patrol officers receive 40 hours of training in mental illness and the local mental health system. The training focuses on providing practical techniques for de-escalating crises. Officers learn to integrate their police training with some different approaches to a person they believe has a mental disorder.

There are times when police officers are exposed to situations that can be quite traumatic. And, it may be very difficult for them to take the courageous first step and seek professional help; it would be nice if we could steer them in a positive direction. If you are interested in being included on such a list, please contact Betsy Johnson, Associate Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Ohio at

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