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Comments sought on implementing a Medicaid 1915(i) program for adults with SPMI

Source: Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

As a result of the new, single disability determination process proposed in the SFY 2016-2017 Executive Budget, Ohioans with income that will be above the Medicaid needs standard adopted under the new system will no longer be eligible for Medicaid. A significant number of these individuals are adults with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), and these individuals will have access to basic health care services through Medicare or private insurance. However, neither Medicare nor private insurance pay for a range of service coordination and community support activities currently covered in the Medicaid program. To ensure continued access to these services, Ohio Medicaid is preparing a state plan amendment under section 1915(i) of the Social Security Act to provide eligibility for adults with SPMI who meet specified financial, clinical, needs, and risk eligibility criteria.

The Ohio Department of Medicaid welcomes public comments regarding the plan amendment through June 6. Select the “public notices link” for additional details on this public comment opportunity.



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