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ODH releases 2013 overdose death data

Source: Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Reflecting a continuing national trend, unintentional drug overdoses caused 2,110 deaths of Ohio residents in 2013. Records show there were about 196 more deaths in 2013 compared to 2012, according to a new report released today by the Ohio Department of Health. Opiates, which include heroin and prescription painkillers, were culpable in nearly 70 percent of overdose deaths. Heroin-related deaths increased in 2013, significantly surpassing prescription opiates among unintentional overdose deaths.  Heroin overdose deaths rose from 697 in 2012 to 983 in 2013. Prescription opiates remained a significant contributor to drug overdose deaths, increasing from 680 in 2012 to 726 in 2013.

“Ohio is fighting drug abuse through many initiatives on several fronts at the state and local levels involving law enforcement, public health, addiction and treatment professionals, healthcare providers, educators, parents and many others,” said ODH Director Richard Hodges. “Many of these initiatives were launched in 2013 or later, and it will take some time for their full impact to be reflected in Ohio’s drug overdose deaths.  We know that we’re doing the right things, but the data underscore the need to redouble our efforts.”

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Unintentional Ohio Drug Overdose Death Rates by County

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