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HPIO survey on Ohio's telehealth programs and services - respond by Aug. 12!

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) is conducting a survey to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the different types of telehealth programs and services offered in Ohio. HPIO will be using information gathered from this survey to inform HPIO’s telehealth work, state-level telehealth policy discussions and to highlight promising telehealth practices and programs in Ohio.

HPIO defines telehealth broadly as "the exchange of medical information from one site to another via electronic communications for the purpose of providing clinical support or care; remote clinical care and patient monitoring; e-health; professional and patient-related health education and health information management." 

Respondents have the opportunity to provide information on up to eight telehealth programs provided by their organizations. Before responding to this survey, it would be useful to have information on the:

  • Type of telehealth services provided by your program(s)
  • Target populations and geographic areas covered
  • Health practitioners involved
  • Technology used
  • Payment and funding sources, and
  • Evaluation data

Members of HPIO’s Telehealth Initiative (OPPA is a member) who are providing telehealth services or programming are encouraged to respond to this survey. Please also forward this survey to other organizations/entities you are aware of that provide telehealth services in Ohio.

The survey will be open until COB Wednesday, August 12.

To access the survey, please go here:

Any questions regarding the survey should be directed to




Please note that the survey will close Wednesday, August 12.

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