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Though not required to convert, BWC ready for ICD-10

Did you know that the workers’ compensation system is not mandated to implement the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) for coding? Thus, BWC does not have to convert from ICD-9 to ICD-10. However, we joined the ICD-10 coding effort, even though the federal government does not mandate BWC to do so.

BWC’s commitment Why, you may ask? The answer is because of YOU. Rather than have providers meet a different coding standard than the rest of the medical world, BWC is making a commitment of service and simplicity to our provider partners.
We are now completing the training phase of our ICD-10 implementation plan we designed exclusively for our workers’ compensation system. This training will prepare BWC to better support providers in your ICD-10 transition activities.

Provider-treatment plans
One important point to remember, while the codes may change, for workers’ compensation, the allowed conditions on the claims will not change. Therefore, the change to ICD-10 should not affect your provider-treatment plans.

For more information about ICD-10 activities and what this means to you, please visit or review our ICD-10 Implementation Guiding Principles fact sheet.

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