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Ohio Medicaid unveils OMAS dashboards

The Ohio Department of Medicaid recently unveiled its online database of the Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS). This dashboard provides a snapshot of Ohio's healthcare landscape. It provides fast, real-time results. Users can select how to analyze data, examine trends and compare key populations. 

The OMAS collects health and healthcare data on Ohio's Medicaid, Medicaid-eligible, and non-Medicaid populations.

The OMAS Dashboards provide current snapshots of Ohio's healthcare landscape, utilize data from 2008-2015 to examine trends over time, and compare key populations. These tools provide real-time results, generating tables and plots that you can use in your own presentations and reports. You direct how the survey data are analyzed, with no programming required, and can build and download custom outputs of the OMAS results. 

The OMAS Dashboards allow you to analyze data on the state level, stratified by population characteristics and Ohio county type, and examine results for individual as well as groups of counties. 

Adult Dashboard

Child Dashboard

If you have questions about the dashboards or the Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

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