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Two medical marijuana ballot initiatives introduced

Source:  Drug Free Action Alliance

Two medical marijuana ballot initiatives were introduced.  The first was from a national marijuana lobbying group and the other was from an organization made up of medical marijuana advocates. 

First, the Marijuana Policy Project, a National marijuana lobbying firm, released the language that would allow Ohioans to vote on medical marijuana in 2016.  They do have a few million to do this, however, they are also requesting that 200,000 of the 305,000 they have to obtain are from volunteers and not paid signature gatherers. Interestingly, it is written to give the first 15 people who invest $500,000 the first shot at the market.  It is limited to those first 15 investors and are called Type I. There is also a Type II, which includes smaller investors of $5000, which would not be allowed to begin until four months after Type I investors.  "Patients" could obtain 2.5 ounces of marijuana ever 14 days and there is very large list of accepted conditions, including the troubling "severe pain."  Their language can be found here.

Secondly, a group of medical marijuana advocates called "Grass Roots Ohio" has a very simple one-page amendment that is specifically light on details.  They have said that they want the legislators to decide rules, but they want the right to use marijuana. It was concerning of the lack of detail along with the fact that there would be no parental consent needed for those under the age of 18 to be allowed to use marijuana. The language can be found on page 7 of this document.

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