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Members encouraged to oppose efforts to define psychologists as "physicians" under Medicare

All APA members should contact their member of Congress and Senators as soon as possible and urge them to oppose H.R. 4277 and S. 2597, legislation that would define psychologists as “physicians” under Medicare. As behavioral scientists and specialists in assessment and psychotherapy, psychologists are permitted to provide “qualified psychology services” under Medicare Part B; however, defining them as “physicians” does not equate to medical education and residency training. If enacted, this bill would have serious implications for the medical supervision of Americans with psychiatric illness who are particularly prone to multiple co-occurring medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

The APA urges Members of Congress to carefully consider the importance of sound medical supervision for our nation’s most vulnerable elderly and disabled individuals suffering from mental illness and reject H.R. 4277 and S. 2597.

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