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Ohio Medicaid ends the year $1.3 billion under buget

Source: Office of Health Transformation

Ohio Medicaid enrolled 3.0 million Ohioans on average monthly in the state fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 (SFY 2016), more than 32,000 people below what was projected to occur. Enrollment in the expansion group was 26,000 people above the original estimate but more than offset by traditional enrollment, which was 58,000 people below estimate. The shift in enrollment has occurred as the Ohio economy improves and Medicaid enrollees move up and out of the traditional program into the higher-income expansion group, and as a result of a new and more accurate eligibility system that automatically verifies income, assigns enrollees to the correct eligibility category, and moves people off the program as their financial situation improves. As a result, SFY 2016 Ohio Medicaid spending was $1.3 billion below the original budget estimate enacted by the Ohio General Assembly.

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