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Medical board seeks comments on new rule for telemedicine/telepsychiatry

Medical Board Seeks Comments Regarding Proposed Rules

The Medical Board and the Common Sense Initiative Office are seeking comments on the Medical Board’s proposed new language for Rule 4731-11-09, Prescribing to Persons Not Seen by the Physician, and Rule 4731-11-01, Definitions for the rules concerning the prescribing of controlled substances.

The proposed language for Rule 4731-11-09 reflects the enactment of Section 4731.74 of the Revised Code, which directs the Medical Board to adopt a rule that authorizes a physician to establish a physician-patient relationship by the use of appropriate technology that permits, in a manner that is consistent with the minimal standard of care for in-person care by a physician, a medical evaluation and the collection of relevant clinical history as needed to establish a diagnosis, identify any underlying conditions, and identify any contraindications to the treatment that is recommended or provided. Regarding prescription drugs that are controlled substances, the rule must establish standards that are consistent with federal law.

Rule 4731-11-01 adds definitions for the terms “active patient, “consult,” and “cross coverage.” The rules and the Business Impact Analysis can be found on the Medical Board’s website.

Comments should be sent no later than July 25, 2016 to both of the following:

Medical Board at:

Common Sense Initiative at:

Be sure to copy the OPPA (at on comments you submit to the medical board!

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