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Medical marijuana in Ohio may take two years


Source:  Health Policy Institute of Ohio


Although medical marijuana became legal in Ohio this week, it may be as long as two years before patients are able to obtain the drug (Source: “Ohio's medical marijuana law goes in effect Thursday, but no pot for two years,” Columbus Dispatch, Sept. 6, 2016).

The new law comes from House Bill 523, which sets up a highly regulated "seed-to-sale" system for growing, processing, testing and dispensing marijuana for people with any of 20 specified medical diseases and conditions. Patients will be able to get a recommendation from a physician for a 90-day supply of marijuana edibles, patches, oils, tinctures and plant material. Vaporizing marijuana will be permitted, but smoking will not. Home growing is banned.

The system will be overseen by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio Board of Pharmacy, State Medical Board and an appointed advisory committee. Initial rules will be rolled out later this month, but marijuana is not expected to be available for 18 months to two years.

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