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Ohio MHAS seeking psychiatrists in Toledo for April - June

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) is seeking psychiatrists to address a projected staff shortage for the period of April –June at the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (NOPH) in Toledo.

Needs include both daytime attending staffing for civil and forensic units as well as after-hours and weekend hospital coverage (in-house). Consideration will be given to working with interested psychiatrists in a flexible manner in terms of work hours of preference.

Opportunities exist for short-and longer-term contract work as well as part-time/full-time employment. Interested parties should contact Justin Trevino, MD, Assistant Medical Director ( or Mark Hurst, MD, Medical Director ( at OhioMHAS or call the Department at (614) 466-6890.

Any assistance you can offer to the Department is greatly appreciated!


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