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Ohio telemedicine rules effective March 23

The State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) has adopted the following rules for prescribing for persons not seen by the physician, commonly referred to as telemedicine rules, which were effective March 23:
  • 4731-11-01 Definitions (for rules in Chapter 4731-11, Ohio Administrative Code)
  • 4731-11-09 Prescribing for persons not seen by the physician.

The rules are applicable to all physician assistants who have a valid prescriber number and to all physicians.

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Ted Rais on Friday 03/31/2017 at 07:05PM wrote:

The new rules allow a psychiatrist practicing telemedicine to prescribe stimulants to a childhood age client only when he is physically inside an authorized by state of Ohio and DEA outpatient clinic or ER, etc. However the way I understand this new rule the same psychiatrist may not be able to refill the same stimulant medication in a 3 months follow up patient that is doing well and just call in to ask for a Ritalin refill. I would appreciate any comments/advice. Do I understand the rule correctly or not? Thanks
Ted Rais

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